Saturday, August 1, 2015

In the Beginning...

I've been a camper and a hiker for many years and often wanted to read nature verses from the Bible as I sat by a lake, or came to a meadow. So back awhile ago, I scrounged through scripture and came up with a set of chapters that show what God thinks of his creation. It was an amazing journey! I've pitched it several times and no one knew what to do with it, so I'm beginning to post it all on here. I'm starting from the back, so that when you read from the top down, it'll all flow as it does in my compilation. I'll do nothing for here except my compilation and photos. It'll take awhile, but enjoy as you read and think of the lavish words God spoke through his people about his amazing earth!

p. 46

Before the mountains were settled...

before they were brought forth,
thou art God.
he that formeth the mountains,
the ancient mountains -
holy mountains,
his foundation -
He beheld the mountains,
and lo,
they trembled,
and all the hills moved lightly
as the morning spread upon them.

p. 47

For thou art more glorious
and excellent than mountains.
By his strength setteth them fast
in his holy place.
The strength of the hills
is his also.
He made the high places,
the bottoms,
and the foundations.
A multitude of mountains.
He weighed them in scales,
the hills in a balance.
The dark mountains.
Lord, by thy favor,

p. 48

thou hast made my mountain to stand strong,
and makes the mountains skip like rams
and scatter.
He overturneth mountains by the roots
and they melt before the Lord.
He watereth the hills from his chambers
he maketh grass to grow upon them.
Every high mountain
the mountain of thine inheritance,
in the place,
O Lord,
which thou hast made for thee to dwell in,
in the sanctuary, O Lord,
which thy hands have made.

p. 49

Touch the mountains
the mountain shall be thine
the holy hill of Zion
for in this mountain
shall the hand of the Lord rest.
Upon a lofty and high mountain
hast thou set thy bed
and upon the top f the mountain
the whole limit thereof round about
shall be most holy.
For he treads upon the high places
the range of the mountains is his pasture
and the mountains
and the hills