Monday, July 27, 2015

p. 54

He Divided the Waters

Under the firmament.
Whatsoever the Lord pleased,
that did he in the seas,
and all the deep places.

The Spirit of God
upon the face
of the waters,
upon the face of the deep.
The sea is his,
and he made it:
Thy way is in the sea,

p. 55

and thy path in the great waters,
and thy footsteps are not known
by our understanding.

He calleth for the
waters of the sea,
and poureth them out
upon the face of the earth
making their waters deep.
He stretched out his hand over the sea
and divided the sea with his power
and by strength
and divided the waters,
and it was so.

p. 56

Entering into the springs of the sea,
walking in search of the depth
he strengthened the
fountains of the deep
and treadeth upon the
waves of the sea.
The channels of the sea appeared
and he weigheth the waters
by measure
and bound the waters in a garment.
The abundance of the sea
in the hollow of his hand.
He gathereth the waters

p. 57

of the sea together
as in a heap:
He layeth up the deep in storehouses
the burden of the desert of the sea.
He rulest the raging of the sea;
when the waves thereof arise,
Thou stillest them.

God say that it was good,
the gathering together
of the waters called the seas.
He compassed the
waters with bounds.
He gave the sea his decree,